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East Tennessee is home to the Tennessee Smokies professional baseball team, a Class AA affiliate of the Chicago Cubs. Managed by Buddy Bailey, the Tennessee Smokies completed the 2013 Southern League season 76-62 overall. For tickets and general information, visit the Tennessee Smokies online ticket office.

Affordability and location makes this one of the most popular sporting events in the Smoky Mountains area among tourists and locals. Offering special promotions and discounts, there is something for the entire family to enjoy!


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2014 Smokies Baseball Schedule

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Date Opponent Home/Away Outcome
4/03/14 Pensacola Blue Wahoos Away TBA
4/04/14 Pensacola Blue Wahoos Away TBA
4/05/14 Pensacola Blue Wahoos Away TBA
4/06/14 Pensacola Blue Wahoos Away TBA
4/07/14 Pensacola Blue Wahoos Away TBA
4/08/14 OFF OFF OFF
4/09/14 Chattanooga Lookouts Home TBA
4/10/14 Chattanooga Lookouts Home TBA
4/11/14 Chattanooga Lookouts Home TBA
4/12/14 Chattanooga Lookouts Home TBA
4/13/14 Chattanooga Lookouts Home TBA
4/14/14 Jackson Generals Home TBA
4/15/14 Jackson Generals Home TBA
4/16/14 Jackson Generals Home TBA
4/17/14 Jackson Generals Home TBA
4/18/14 Jackson Generals Home TBA
4/19/14 Birmingham Barons Away TBA
4/20/14 Birmingham Barons Away TBA
4/21/14 Birmingham Barons Away TBA
4/22/14 Birmingham Barons Away TBA
4/23/14 Birmingham Barons Away TBA
4/24/14 Huntsville Stars Home TBA
4/25/14 Huntsville Stars Home TBA
4/26/14 Huntsville Stars Home TBA
4/27/14 Huntsville Stars Home TBA
4/28/14 Huntsville Stars Home TBA
4/29/14 OFF OFF OFF
4/30/14 Chattanooga Lookouts Away TBA
5/01/14 Chattanooga Lookouts Away TBA
5/02/14 Chattanooga Lookouts Away TBA
5/03/14 Chattanooga Lookouts Away TBA
5/04/14 Chattanooga Lookouts Away TBA
5/05/14 Birmingham Barons Home TBA
5/06/14 Birmingham Barons Home TBA
5/07/14 Birmingham Barons Home TBA
5/08/14 Birmingham Barons Home TBA
5/09/14 Birmingham Barons Home TBA
5/10/14 Jackson Generals Away TBA
5/11/14 Jackson Generals Away TBA
5/12/14 Jackson Generals Away TBA
5/13/14 Jackson Generals Away TBA
5/14/14 Jackson Generals Away TBA
5/15/14 Mississippi Braves Away TBA
5/16/14 Mississippi Braves Away TBA
5/17/14 Mississippi Braves Away TBA
5/18/14 Mississippi Braves Away TBA
5/19/14 Mississippi Braves Away TBA
5/20/14 OFF OFF OFF
5/21/14 Mobile Bay Bears Home TBA
5/22/14 Mobile Bay Bears Home TBA
5/23/14 Mobile Bay Bears Home TBA
5/24/14 Mobile Bay Bears Home TBA
5/25/14 Mobile Bay Bears Home TBA
5/26/14 Huntsville Stars Away TBA
5/27/14 Huntsville Stars Away TBA
5/28/14 Huntsville Stars Away TBA
5/29/14 Huntsville Stars Away TBA
5/30/14 Huntsville Stars Away TBA
5/31/14 Birmingham Barons Home TBA
6/01/14 Birmingham Barons Home TBA
6/02/14 Birmingham Barons Home TBA
6/03/14 Birmingham Barons Home TBA
6/04/14 Birmingham Barons Home TBA
6/05/14 Jacksonville Suns Away TBA
6/06/14 Jacksonville Suns Away TBA
6/07/14 Jacksonville Suns Away TBA
6/08/14 Jacksonville Suns Away TBA
6/09/14 Jacksonville Suns Away TBA
6/10/14 OFF OFF OFF
6/11/14 Mississippi Braves Home TBA
6/12/14 Mississippi Braves Home TBA
6/13/14 Mississippi Braves Home TBA
6/14/14 Mississippi Braves Home TBA
6/15/14 Mississippi Braves Home TBA
6/19/14 Chattanooga Lookouts Home TBA
6/20/14 Chattanooga Lookouts Home TBA
6/21/14 Chattanooga Lookouts Home TBA
6/22/14 Chattanooga Lookouts Home TBA
6/23/14 Chattanooga Lookouts Home TBA
6/24/14 Jackson Generals Away TBA
6/25/14 Jackson Generals Away TBA
6/26/14 Jackson Generals Away TBA
6/27/14 Jackson Generals Away TBA
6/28/14 Jackson Generals Away TBA
6/29/14 Montgomery Biscuits Home TBA
6/30/14 Montgomery Biscuits Home TBA
7/01/14 Montgomery Biscuits Home TBA
7/02/14 Montgomery Biscuits Home TBA
7/03/14 Montgomery Biscuits Home TBA
7/04/14 Birmingham Barons Away TBA
7/05/14 Birmingham Barons Away TBA
7/06/14 Birmingham Barons Away TBA
7/07/14 Birmingham Barons Away TBA
7/08/14 Birmingham Barons Away TBA
7/09/14 OFF OFF OFF
7/10/14 Jacksonville Suns Home TBA
7/11/14 Jacksonville Suns Home TBA
7/12/14 Jacksonville Suns Home TBA
7/13/14 Jacksonville Suns Home OFF
7/14/14 Jacksonville Suns Home OFF
7/15/14 OFF OFF OFF
7/16/14 Huntsville Stars Away TBA
7/17/14 Huntsville Stars Away TBA
7/18/14 Huntsville Stars Away TBA
7/19/14 Huntsville Stars Away TBA
7/20/14 Huntsville Stars Away TBA
7/21/14 Mississippi Braves Home TBA
7/22/14 Mississippi Braves Home TBA
7/23/14 Mississippi Braves Home TBA
7/24/14 Mississippi Braves Home TBA
7/25/14 Mississippi Braves Home TBA
7/26/14 Birmingham Barons Away TBA
7/27/14 Birmingham Barons Away TBA
7/28/14 Birmingham Barons Away TBA
7/29/14 Birmingham Barons Away TBA
7/30/14 Birmingham Barons Away TBA
7/31/14 Pensacola Blue Wahoos Home TBA
8/01/14 Pensacola Blue Wahoos Home TBA
8/02/14 Pensacola Blue Wahoos Home TBA
8/03/14 Pensacola Blue Wahoos Home TBA
8/04/14 Pensacola Blue Wahoos Home TBA
8/05/14 OFF OFF OFF
8/06/14 Mobile Bay Bears Away TBA
8/07/14 Mobile Bay Bears Away TBA
8/08/14 Mobile Bay Bears Away TBA
8/09/14 Mobile Bay Bears Away TBA
8/10/14 Mobile Bay Bears Away TBA
8/11/14 OFF OFF OFF
8/12/14 Huntsville Stars Home TBA
8/13/14 Huntsville Stars Home TBA
8/14/14 Huntsville Stars Home TBA
8/15/14 Huntsville Stars Home TBA
8/16/14 Huntsville Stars Home TBA
8/17/14 Montgomery Biscuits Away TBA
8/18/14 Montgomery Biscuits Away TBA
8/19/14 Montgomery Biscuits Away TBA
8/20/14 Montgomery Biscuits Away TBA
8/21/14 Montgomery Biscuits Away TBA
8/22/14 Jacksonville Suns Home TBA
8/23/14 Jacksonville Suns Home TBA
8/24/14 Jacksonville Suns Home TBA
8/25/14 Jacksonville Suns Home TBA
8/26/14 Jacksonville Suns Home TBA
8/27/14 OFF OFF OFF
8/28/14 Chattanooga Lookouts Away TBA
8/29/14 Chattanooga Lookouts Away TBA
8/30/14 Chattanooga Lookouts Away TBA
8/31/14 Chattanooga Lookouts Away TBA
9/01/14 Chattanooga Lookouts Away TBA


Smokies Baseball field layout

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